"Pardon me, but your organ is in my back" or "IT"

LP Teenage Kicks ©1996

1 The greatest Show on Earth 2 A little less Conversation 3 I wish I knew 4 Just one of those Days 5 Mr. Schneider 6 Mr. Maybe 7 The Whistling Splat 8 We'd love to take you away 9 Underneath the Covers 10 Instant Quickie 11 Thoughts of an Observer 12 Polite Society 13 More Tea Vicar? 14 Fanciful 15 Gong with the Wind 16 Geisha Wong 17 Party Pooper 18 Hey Marcine

Rollin' Jo Munzert drums perc Zattl git Mark Lee voc harp Peter Kern key voc Phil Otto bass

recorded at the Toe Rag       Engineers: Liam Watson, Ed Deegan     mixed by Liam Watson and The Pickles