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”St. Stephen“ is Limos third solo-incarnation.

The shiny gnomes mastermind put out three releases with „Discolor“ in 1996: folk-pop songs wrapped in noisy guitar-drones.
In 2003 two releases followed with „the god box“:
1967ish overexcited psych-pop for the new century. And now ”St. Stephen“.
First of all a very popular song by ”Grateful Dead“ and of course the first christian matyr, but most importantly Limos first name.
St. Stephen’s ”Behold“ is Limos passion.
A document of broken, newly found love and true passion.

It was originaly planned as a duo-project called “Black Scorpio“ or “Friendly Galaxy“.
When it didn’t happen “Behold“ was finally realised with the help of friends.
An album that went through many changes until Limo began to dislike most of the lyrics and swapped them for new ones.

“Dope fiend“ became “Hope fiend“,“The darkest place“ became “Back from space“, and “O, did I fail“ became ”Soul shine“.
Now that ”Behold“ is finally finished, it radiates a very plain and deep beauty, never before accomplished by Limo.

The songs vary between introspective folk songs, simple country blues and soul, and the characteristic limo-psychedelia.

It starts of with ”At first”. An opener that creates a certain intimacy and warmth.
A blessing of a good start for the willing listener.
”Hope fiend” brings in some fresh air with pedalsteel, harmonica and harmonic vocals.
Back from dark, unknown territories ”Back from Space” walks on with singing guitar tunes until it settles on solid ground.
”Soul shine“ is blues, soul and folk that frenetically celebrates its roots using an original blues-rock-guitar.
Strange backwards bouzouki point to the psycedelic, although ” In Our Time” is just a jolly pop song!
Words from dust evolve into string sounds of melancholic beauty on ”Black diary”.
The ghostly conversation hypnotically rocks on ”Talking with a ghost“ - spheric pedalsteels and driving bass/drums float into psychedelic heights of the inner stream.
”Good thing“ is gospel without gospel and praises: how good it is you exist.
Tati’s breathless voice awakens you and guitars sound like slithering snakes shedding their skin on ”Wake up“.
It can also be very simple: the hymn-like ”On your wing“ flies under a clear blue sky with a cheerful guitar and a melotron.
Back into space - ”as long as we want“ closes the album with psychedelic pomp.

Maybe ”Behold“ wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the omnipresent Zattl
(When skipjack tripped, Supergroup etc.) with his guitar-, mixing- and co-productional skills.
His guitars are of such intensity and input, they are winding, urgeing, echoic or crash like waves
and move between neo-blues, classic rock and psychedelic escapades.
Another important team-mate of St. Stephen’s is Tobias Birke: drummer and gratuate of the Nürnberg conservatory, who’s skills range from avantgarde to hardcore. Flexible enough to handle St. Stephens songs in the appropriate manner.
Tatjana Schewtschenko (Bluet) sings on three songs amongst others in a rather mystical way on ”Wake up“ and with some radiating harmonies on ”Hope fiend“.
Phenomenal as ever: Carter Cain’s a.n.a Oli Stangl (Missouri etc.) pedal steel guitar on ”Hope fiend“ and ”Talkin with a Ghost“.
On bass Manna Knauthe (In the Fields, Shiny Gnomes) and Leonidas Kalavrouziotis (The Triangle Flow Trio), who’s mainly on double bass and plays with Limo in some of the bands mentioned above.
On the mystical ”Black Diary” Timea Teleki creates a gipsy-like sinister atmosphere with her violin and viola.

”Behold“ contains eleven songs of love, sorrow, darkness and light and - because the music never stops - eternal hope.